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Prayer and praise - Feb 20

We have had wonderful meetings over the last week. The first was with a ministry we are partnering with to visit their foster home and talk with their social worker. She was a huge help in answering our questions, offer advice and passing along their manuals for training house mothers, etc. This connection will be a blessing for us when setting up our cottages at MV so we can take in more children.

We were out looking at a potential property yesterday that has plenty of water, which is the primary concern now considering South Africa is in the worst drought in recorded history. It has everything and more of what we need, plus a going concern (active hydroponics business), so please pray for wisdom as we go through this process.

We also met with a Christian businessman yesterday who has mentioned a potential for a partnership. Pray for wisdom and guidance as we talk further about this exciting endeavor.

Our interns have been busy learning about MV and working with other ministries here who need more hands when staff members need a break. What a blessing they have been while serving here.

Another 3 1/2 hour meeting took place this past week, connecting with a family who also has the heart for purchasing a farm and ministering to those who are in need in the community. God continues to network us with people who have the same kingdom mindedness.

Please continue to remember us as we work on budgets with our team members, for a significant meeting this week.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us. We are pressed on every side, and we covet your prayers now more than ever, as the enemy hates what we are doing here. We feel we are closer and closer to breakthrough. Thank you for your continuous prayers, we need them more than ever to stay the course and to stay strong in our faith during these challenging but exciting days.
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Feb 12 - Merryfield Prayer and Praise

We received another call out of the blue from two gentlemen here who have our same heart and passion and who run a ministry here in Jeffrey’s Bay. They had heard from two different people that they should contact us. We had an amazing God meeting. We took some of our team members to visit their ministry on Wednesday. We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord works this out to partner together as they have the same Kingdom mindset in which we strive to live out.

We just received another call this morning from a business owner (who we met last week) in a nearby area that feels that the Lord may be leading him to partner with us. We are excited as we have a meeting set up on Friday to talk further to see what the Lord is up to.

We have had a busy couple of weeks with several meetings each day and more meetings this week. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for us in each of these.

Also, we have a very important meeting in the next week, and our team is busy putting together budgets for each of their areas. Pray for wisdom as we pull all this together for the meeting next week.

Thank you for partnering with us, we can’t do it without you. You are always in our prayers.
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News and Prayer Requests - January 29, 2018

We are excited that Claudia and Jaclyn will be arriving in JBay tomorrow to start their internship with us. Welcome to MV you two!

We made a verbal offer on a property last week and are still working through all the details that go along with purchasing a large farm. We also have another property that we are considering that may work as well if this one doesn’t pan out and the Lord leads in a different direction. Please pray for wisdom.

We received another random call from someone who has heard about our ministry from two different people and wanted to set up a time to meet on Wednesday. Please lift us up for discernment in this meeting. We continue to see God connect us to others with our same heart in supernatural ways.

We also got the news that one of our board members in the US, daughter is coming to South Africa for an internship and is trying to work out a visit with our ministry as well. We love to have friends and family visit and see what the Lord is doing here.

Thank you to all our partners who have joined us on this journey of helping some of South Africa’s millions of orphans and vulnerable children. We couldn’t do this without you.
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Everyone here has been on summer break these last 5-6 weeks. Everything basically shuts down during the holidays. So we will be getting back in our routine on Wednesday when the kids start school again.

Please pray for Claudia and Jaclyn as they leave the states today and prepare to come and serve with Merryfield for a 2-month internship. We are excited to have them join our team and help us out over the next several months.

Please pray for Kristin F as she has just left the states and will arrive today to join MV. Pray for traveling mercies to surround them and that she will be able to move into her new apartment four doors away from us. It's so hard to find rentals here, so we are so thankful for how close she will live from us arriving in a new city. She served with us in Plett and now will join us here in JBay. God is so good.

Please remember our kids as they start their new school year on Wednesday. Lots to get done before the big day arrives.

We have some exciting news to share in the coming weeks concerning the property that MV is in the process of acquiring. Please pray for our meeting with our real estate agent on Tuesday to finalize some things. Exciting news to come!

Thank you all for partnering with us. Thank you to so many who gave year-end gifts and to our new corporate sponsor, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for investing in these children's lives. As we grow, we need more sponsors, would you consider being a sponsor today?
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Prayer & Praise Wall - November 27, 2017

Prayer - Merryfield is in the process of changing our non-profit from a voluntary association to a trust. This will better protect the vision and future of Merryfield as we move forward. Please pray this comes through quickly as we need this completed to purchase a property. Also, pray as we are seeking some final information on the farm we are pursuing.

Prayer - Through one of our team members, we met a wonderful couple that both work in education. They are excited to see how they can serve with Merryfield. Also, they have been mentoring another couple that could be our first house parents. Pray for wisdom and discernment as we go through the interview process.

Prayer - Please pray for Ruth that her house will sell so she can move in January. Also, pray that there will be no issues when she applies for her South African visa. It is getting increasingly more challenging to receive visas for volunteers.

Prayer - We have met with several people over the last week that have expressed interest in helping Merryfield in foster care. Please pray as we all seek wisdom on how best to place individuals with their experience and giftings.

Praise - We're thankful that Claudia & Jaclyn, who will intern with us in January, found housing for their stay.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, we are sustained on this journey because of you.
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Prayer & Praise Wall - November 13, 2017

Prayer - we have an essential team meeting with big decisions that need to be made this week in several areas.

Prayer - Julie has a meeting this week on Wednesday with the director of a school which could lead to a potential partnership with Merryfield.

Praise - we had a great meeting with a friend who could be vital in connecting us to the medical community here with some of her connections. A developing relationship would help in partnering with Liberty University for a medical missions trip to help children in South Africa.

Praise and prayer - we had a 3-hour meeting with an influential person who then connected us with a business owner who has offered us a business proposition that could potentially bring in funds for Merryfield. Please pray for wisdom as we seek wise counsel on this business proposition. Starting businesses are all apart of Phase 1 of our business plan.

Praise - as we are continuing to get more and more inquiries and donations from those wanting to support what God is doing here.

As our ministry grows with new team members, a growing horse therapy program, new business ventures, hiring house mothers, etc., we are in need of more financial supporters. Thank you, everyone, for all your prayers and support, we are so grateful.
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Prayer & Praise Wall - November 6

*Mia and Bella enjoying their first horse therapy session with Tertius. They enjoyed every minute of it. God is good. (see pictures)

Prayer - Busy week as we are pulling together all the paperwork for our trust to send back to our attorney. Please pray that all of the documents are filed as soon as possible before we put a contract on the property.

Praise the Lord as we have another new MV sponsor this past week. That makes three new donors in two weeks!!

Pray for us as we work on a video to send back with our American team member, Kristen Borer, for a fundraiser in California during the December holidays.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of taking care of some of the 5 million-plus orphans in South Africa. We can't thank you enough for your prayers and your financial support. There's no way we can do it without you.

*Names changed for their privacy
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