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Prayer Wall - Oct 16, 2017

God continues to blow us away by continuing to bring people to Jeffreys Bay that have the desire to be involved with Merryfield. We have had several incredible meetings with our new, American friend who has just moved to Jeffreys Bay with her family. She and Steve both went to Liberty University at the same time. The kindred spirit is so amazing! It seems that all of the passions she has had in her heart surrounding serving coincides with the vision of Merryfield as well. We are beyond excited for all that God continues to do through this ministry. He's bringing together the greatest team.

Please continue to pray for Bella as she has another skin infection with open sores that need to be covered in prayer.

Thanks for prayers for Julie, her wrist is healing up well. We wanted to show you a picture that I took of her wrist when the doctor removed the cast. Please pray for her surgeon's salvation. We have been witnessing and asking for God to do amazing and creative things to show his love for Dr. Petersen. There is only one vertical incision line, and we still don't know where the horizontal one came from to make the cross. Our God is so amazing!!

Pray for our upcoming meeting with a top government official. Also, pray for another meeting we have set up with a person with significant influence in the US who has expressed interest in helping MV.

Praise - We were going to ask for prayer to have somewhere to move to after December 1. Our rental contract is up, and in between that period, before we move into our long-term rental here on Jan 1st, we needed a place to stay. Before we could ask for prayer, we were asked to housesit another friends house while they are gone for the holidays. Please pray the landlord is fine with this arrangement and we will be set for the holidays. God is so good to answer our prayers even before we ask.

Thank you all for your love, prayers and financial support. We cannot do it without you. Thank you for being on this journey with us.
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Prayer Wall -October 3

Things continue to go well, and we were able to get the three horses moved to the new property for our first horse therapy lesson this past weekend. The horses are settling in well with the help of our new Equine Manager, Tertius.

Please continue to keep Julie in your prayers, as she fell last Monday and broke her wrist and had to have emergency surgery Monday evening in Port Elizabeth. The doctor had to put a plate and six screws to secure the break. She feels that it's the supernatural hand of God that has protected her from any pain throughout this entire process. Eight days later, and she still is pain-free and hasn't had to take any pain medicine at all. All glory to God!

Please be in prayer for us Thursday, as we have a meeting with a new American family who has just moved to JBay. She contacted us after she found us on the Internet and wants to get involved with Merryfield as well.

Levonne and the kids got moved safely to JBay on Sunday. Shaun will join her next week. We are so excited that Merryfield's first business, ostrich farming, is going well. Shaun is busy delivering the orders for the baby chicks that were pre-ordered. Praise God they were vet approved, and the chicks were all safe and healthy. Welcome, Levonne, Aston, and Shiloh.
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Prayer Wall - Sept 11

More God connections. We got a phone call out of the blue from a gentleman that had moved to Jeffreys that received our business plan. He told us he and his wife have the same heart as we do and he wanted to get together. We met with them a couple of weeks ago along with another young man as well. In talking to this young man, come to find out, on his way to Jeffreys Bay, God spoke to him and told him he would be working with horses again. He grew up with horses and had been longing to work with them again, unbeknownst to him, we have been praying for a horse trainer for Merryfield's three horses. We have all been getting together to pray and seek the Lord together. On Friday we met with Tertius again, as he has been working with our horses. Tertius has accepted the position of Equine Manager and will be joining us as well. Welcome to Merryfield, Tertius! (see pics)

PRAISE!! Just received word that Shaun got vet approval for the baby ostriches!! Please remember Shaun and Levonne as they have sold almost everything in preparation to move here on the 1st of October, to join our team. Pray all the details of their move will fall into place.

Please be in prayer for another couple that the Lord led to Jeffreys Bay. They have contacted us, and we've been in prayer about them joining our team as well. He has a background in farming, and she is a Christian counselor.

Please remember Gwynneth in prayer as well, as she finishes up her permaculture training this week through the weekend.

Thank you to each of you who read these updates and pray with us. We can't do this without your prayers and financial support.
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Prayer Wall - September 4, 2017

God is doing it again! We have had the blessing of two different people over the last two months to prophecy that the wait is over and that God is going to start doing things very quickly...and He has. We will never be able to describe in a short update what amazing things He is doing here and how God is bringing people and connecting us with individuals who feel led to Jeffreys and they don't even know why. 😉 We are so humbled we can even be a part of it.

It's time to celebrate again! One of our dearest friends in our cell group, just told us she wants to donate her two horses to Merryfield!!! What? She rescued a mare and her filly a year + ago. Isn't it just like the Lord to allow these two beauties, who were rescued themselves, to come and help rescued children. Welcome to Merryfield, Princess, and Hope. Thank you, Elmarie for your generous heart.

Please pray for Gwynneth (pictured in the previous Share below) as she is in Permaculture training until Sept 16th. She will be designing Merryfield's first organic farm for us.

We had three more incredible meetings with Shaun and Levonne the week before they left. Please continue to pray for them as they are back in Tierpoort, Pretoria and are preparing to sell the rest of their things in preparation to move here around the 1st of October to be on staff with Merryfield. Pray also for the baby ostriches to receive vet approval and be released to the clients.

Another great thing to celebrate is that we have another friend in our cell group, who is a teacher and she has offered to do diagnostic testing for our kids in care. Thank you, Marike.

Thank you all for partnering with us, through prayer and your financial support. We can't do this without you.
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Prayer Wall - August 21, 2017

Praise - We had another incredible meeting last Friday with our friend, Shaun, who drove down from Pretoria to join Levonne, his wife, who was already visiting here. This meeting was such a God connection that it's even hard to put into words. This couple has so much expertise and background in so many areas of what God has called us to in Phase 1 that it's unbelievable. God had been stirring in their hearts and lives these past months and put a prompting in them to move into some type of ministry, and now they know for sure that God is leading them to relocate to JBay and partner with Merryfield. Please pray for them as they will be moving here around the first part of October. We couldn't be more excited to welcome Shaun and Levonne on board with us.

Praise- We had a very encouraging meeting last week when we dropped off our business plan to a lady who is helping us locate a property. She had already been pulling together 4-5 properties for us to go and look at, then she would personally submit them and our application to the appropriate people that could help us even further. We are so grateful and excited to see how this all pans out. Please pray things move quickly, as we are seeing we need a property as soon as possible because so many things are falling into place at one time.

Praise and Prayer - We also received a note from our American friend, who was instrumental in connecting us with so many people here in Jeffreys Bay while she was on outreach here. She wrote to say she is feeling led to return to South Africa and would love to partner with us and also another ministry in Jeffreys Bay as well. We are celebrating as this is the Kingdom mindset; to work together and partner with those who are kingdom minded in these last days. We are so excited for Claudia to join MV. Please pray for her as she raises the rest of her funds and is set out to be back in Jbay the first of the year!!

We also have more meetings this week. Please keep us in your prayers as things are moving so quickly. Blessings and favor on you all for partnering with us.
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Prayer Wall- Aug 14, 2017

We are dropping off the updated business plan to someone here in Jeffreys Bay that could possibly help us with a property. Please pray for favor and for us to hear something soon so we can move forward with land for the Village.

Also, Julie will be meeting with a friend this afternoon who works with a local, Christian doctor here in Jeffreys. Our friend wants to connect us so we can pray through a potential partnership as she thinks we have the same heart. We want to work out a meeting or Skype time for Dustin and Angela to be able to talk with him so they can hear each other's heart for ministry and to be able to see if there is a possibility of serving together in the future.

Our cell group has been instrumental in helping connect us with like minded people and helping us see Merryfield come to life here. We had been praying for someone who can look after the horses. Julie just got a note from a friend in our cell group, and she has found a young man, who grew up on a farm with horses, who is willing to break our future horses and get them in top shape to be used for therapy and also take care of the ones we already have. This is an answer to prayer.

We had an amazing brainstorming session on Thursday night with several members of our cell group. We spent time thinking through village layouts, business venture ideas, starting a "Wednesday Market" on the property, farm stall ideas and praying over the business plan. God has brought us to the exact cell group we needed to be a part of, where, so many have been dreaming of doing some aspects of Phase 1 of Merryfield. It's so incredible to see this vision come to life. One of our cell group friends, brother, has asked for our business plan so he can pray through coming down to talk with us about joining what Merryfield is doing, as it has also been a dream of his as well.

We also have another new friend who is in town visiting a friend of ours in our cell group, who will be moving to JBay soon. After our brainstorming session Thursday night, her husband has decided to come down to talk with us at the end of the week. He is a custom builder and he also wants to start an ostrich farm, which is very profitable in South Africa. We will talk about a potential partnership when he gets here at the end of the week. We are blown away at how God keeps connecting us with so many people; it's like drinking from a fire hydrant. So exciting!

We will keep you updated as we move forward. Our biggest prayer request is for a property so we can begin to campaign and hire house mother's to take in more children. Please pray for this. Thank you for partnering with us. We couldn't do it without you.
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Aug 8 - Prayer wall

Ruth has returned back to the states after an amazing 15 days here. She had some extraordinary experiences while in Jeffreys Bay. Join us in praying for her house to sell quickly and to raise the rest of the support she needs to return full time in the Fall.

A BIG Merryfield welcome to Gwynneth van Jaarsveld (pictured) who will be coming on board with us as a consultant for now. She and her husband Paul, were missionaries in Uganda for a season before the Lord brought them to Jeffreys Bay and they weren't exactly sure why the Lord led them here. 😀 Then God connected us through her cousin, whom we bought Merryfield's first horse. We are thrilled to have them join what the Lord is doing through Merryfield. Please pray for Gwynneth as she heads to a Permaculture training on Sept 1 -Sept 16 in East London where she will receive training and her certification to then design our organic farm and be certified to teach others as a trade skill, etc. We are so thankful for her and her husband Paul, who will be helping us with some media projects as well.

We have a praise as another one of our friends here has told us her niece owns a farm with many horses and she is going to get in touch with her about donating another horse to us to use for horse therapy. Please be praying for this.

Please pray for our kids as they are back in school after a wonderful 3-week holiday break.
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July 24 - Prayer Wall

Please pray for Julie this week. She is leaving with some of the women from our church home group who are heading to Durban for a prophetic church conference. She is very excited and looking forward to this time away to have a much-needed break and to focus on the Lord.

We're keeping Ruth busy. She is enjoying her stay while gaining valuable information on our ministry and others we work with, attending meetings with pastors and prospective house mothers, learning the area, budgeting, house hunting, riding Thunder (our horse), seeing the townships, meeting the kids in care and meeting new friends from our church and Victory4All. She has a list of things to get done while here, please pray she is able to get done all the Lord wants. She has only been here a week and already seeing the hand of God move in incredible ways.

Another Praise - since we moved here, we had been told we needed to meet another American couple, the Webb's, who have our same heart and live in Johannesburg. Yesterday, our good friends from JBay invited us to lunch and a surprise meeting with the Webb's, who just "happened" to be in JBay for the surf competition. We had a wonderful meal sharing stories of God's faithfulness and his goodness. We plan to take them up on their invitation to come up and visit them during the school break in September. They have been running a haven for unwanted babies for 15 years. God's timing is so perfect and it's been amazing to see how the Lord orchestrated this connection while Ruth is here. She has been able to experience so many amazing ways God is working here.

It's sometimes hard to describe all that God is doing in a single update, but we hope these updates encourage your heart to know that you are a part of what God is doing here. Thank you for being a part of our journey.
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Prayer wall - July 18

Praise!! We are so grateful to First Hudson, NC. We were able to send a thank you video to them last week for their generous contribution of a new Apple computer. The staff was so appreciative that they decided to show it in their Sunday morning service as well. Big thank you to Julie's friend, Doug Main, who made it all possible. The new computer also helped us make another video a couple of weeks ago for Evergreen Church in OK. They used it for their Vacation Bible School, where their kids raised $1800 for Merryfield Village. We are so grateful to both of these churches for investing in the kingdom here in South Africa. If you are interested in having a personalized video to show to your church group, VBS or organization to help raise funds for our ministry, please contact us at

Ruth got here safely to JBay yesterday. She will be here for the next 15 days. She got a warm welcome and experienced her first South African braai at our friend's house last night. Please pray for her to be able to find affordable lodging for her return this Fall to join us full time. Pray that her time here learning more about MV and the other ministries we partner with would be fruitful.

Praise - Julie had a great meeting yesterday with a lady whom she met at the Kouga2gether meeting last week to discuss further partnerships.

Please pray for us this week as we'll meet with someone who works in the local government. We hope to introduce ourselves and tell more about Merryfield in hopes she can guide us to the right person who is over all the government properties that are available here in JBay.

Praise - We also have a meeting on Tuesday with a friend who will be introducing us to her pastor who has stated they want to make a donation to Merryfield.

Pray for us also as we begin interviewing house mothers. Pray for us to have wisdom in this process. This would allow us to take in 6 more children. Please pray for the finances to support our first house mother and all that entails. This will definitely be a step of faith. If you would like to know more about how to help support our first house mother, please send us an email at

Thank you once again for partnering with us to help further the kingdom here in South Africa.
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