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Prayer & Praise Wall - November 27, 2017

Prayer - Merryfield is in the process of changing our non-profit from a voluntary association to a trust. This will better protect the vision and future of Merryfield as we move forward. Please pray this comes through quickly as we need this completed to purchase a property. Also, pray as we are seeking some final information on the farm we are pursuing.

Prayer - Through one of our team members, we met a wonderful couple that both work in education. They are excited to see how they can serve with Merryfield. Also, they have been mentoring another couple that could be our first house parents. Pray for wisdom and discernment as we go through the interview process.

Prayer - Please pray for Ruth that her house will sell so she can move in January. Also, pray that there will be no issues when she applies for her South African visa. It is getting increasingly more challenging to receive visas for volunteers.

Prayer - We have met with several people over the last week that have expressed interest in helping Merryfield in foster care. Please pray as we all seek wisdom on how best to place individuals with their experience and giftings.

Praise - We're thankful that Claudia & Jaclyn, who will intern with us in January, found housing for their stay.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, we are sustained on this journey because of you.
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Prayer & Praise Wall - November 13, 2017

Prayer - we have an essential team meeting with big decisions that need to be made this week in several areas.

Prayer - Julie has a meeting this week on Wednesday with the director of a school which could lead to a potential partnership with Merryfield.

Praise - we had a great meeting with a friend who could be vital in connecting us to the medical community here with some of her connections. A developing relationship would help in partnering with Liberty University for a medical missions trip to help children in South Africa.

Praise and prayer - we had a 3-hour meeting with an influential person who then connected us with a business owner who has offered us a business proposition that could potentially bring in funds for Merryfield. Please pray for wisdom as we seek wise counsel on this business proposition. Starting businesses are all apart of Phase 1 of our business plan.

Praise - as we are continuing to get more and more inquiries and donations from those wanting to support what God is doing here.

As our ministry grows with new team members, a growing horse therapy program, new business ventures, hiring house mothers, etc., we are in need of more financial supporters. Thank you, everyone, for all your prayers and support, we are so grateful.
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Prayer & Praise Wall - November 6

*Mia and Bella enjoying their first horse therapy session with Tertius. They enjoyed every minute of it. God is good. (see pictures)

Prayer - Busy week as we are pulling together all the paperwork for our trust to send back to our attorney. Please pray that all of the documents are filed as soon as possible before we put a contract on the property.

Praise the Lord as we have another new MV sponsor this past week. That makes three new donors in two weeks!!

Pray for us as we work on a video to send back with our American team member, Kristen Borer, for a fundraiser in California during the December holidays.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of taking care of some of the 5 million-plus orphans in South Africa. We can't thank you enough for your prayers and your financial support. There's no way we can do it without you.

*Names changed for their privacy
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Prayer Wall - October 31

Praise - We had an amazing weekend with one of our board members, Kevin Bitter, and his family visiting here with us. Saturday our whole team (minus Shaun) was able to come together for a braai (bbq). We had 27 total in attendance, and it was a great time of fellowship for Kevin and his family to meet the team and for the MV team to get to know them. We also took Kevin and Collette out to view the property. What a special time of laughter and tears as we all shared the marvelous God stories of how we all ended up in JBay for the same purpose.

Praise - We had a busy day yesterday with a meeting at the real estate agents office in regards to our business plan that was taken to the town manager for approval. The meeting went well, and the estate agent that met with the town planner reported to us that she didn't see anything in our master plan that couldn't be approved with proper consent. Any concerns were targeted towards any additional approvals we would typically have to receive anyway for some of the various possible projects/programs we would pursue. The estate agents suggested that we meet with a town planning consultant. They gave us a few names of companies in Port Elizabeth. We'll be contacting them asap. Thank you all for your prayers in regards to this and for wisdom on writing a contract on the property sometime in the next week.

Prayer - Please also be in prayer as we are in the midst of setting up a Skype meeting with a contact in the states, who could be vital in funding the purchase of the property. He has been out of the country but will return later this week.

Please pray a hedge of protection around us. We have recently gone through some persecution in regards to MV and could use an extra covering of prayers. While we realize we don't fight against flesh and blood, we know these attacks will come. Most of you are familiar when Abraham (mentioned in the New Testament in Romans 4:17) says, “he called those things that ‘BE NOT’ as though they WERE.” Abraham had the promise, knew it was yet to come, but he had the faith and waited expectantly. The verse in Romans tells us that he CALLED it so. He called it already done. Our team is choosing to call our promises into being...calling it AS IF it were already done!! This can be confusing for some, so we covet your prayers. We choose to bless people and move on to all God has called and promised to us. Praise Yeshua!!

Thank you to our TWO new MV sponsors who joined the journey with us this past week! You know who you are. We can not do it without you! Blessings from our team here in Jeffrey's Bay!
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Prayer wall - October 23

Praise as we have had two very significant gifts that have come in to help Merryfield continue the call that the Lord has placed on our lives. We are so grateful to those who support us and pray for us, and we can't do it without you.

We had our first official Merryfield team meeting this past week!! While we had 8 in attendance, we were missing Shaun (Head Builder and Manager of the ostriches) who is away on MV business pertaining to the ostriches, and we missed Tertius, our Equine Manager, who is also out of town on MV business as well.

Please pray for Tertius while he is out of town attending Camp David. MV has received permission to host Camp David therapeutic camps on our farm to help young men deepen their faith in God.

Please pray for Shaun as he leaves again on Wednesday to deliver more ostriches in the Pretoria area. We are so excited to see MV's first business come to life.

Please pray for Ruth as she is getting her house ready to sell to make that final step to move to JBay to join us full time.

Unfortunately, we cannot post a lot of pictures of the children, as the department of social development doesn't allow it here. Thank you all for your prayer support and your financial support, that help us to provide for these precious ones the Lord has put in our care.
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Prayer Wall - Oct 16, 2017

God continues to blow us away by continuing to bring people to Jeffreys Bay that have the desire to be involved with Merryfield. We have had several incredible meetings with our new, American friend who has just moved to Jeffreys Bay with her family. She and Steve both went to Liberty University at the same time. The kindred spirit is so amazing! It seems that all of the passions she has had in her heart surrounding serving coincides with the vision of Merryfield as well. We are beyond excited for all that God continues to do through this ministry. He's bringing together the greatest team.

Please continue to pray for Bella as she has another skin infection with open sores that need to be covered in prayer.

Thanks for prayers for Julie, her wrist is healing up well. We wanted to show you a picture that I took of her wrist when the doctor removed the cast. Please pray for her surgeon's salvation. We have been witnessing and asking for God to do amazing and creative things to show his love for Dr. Petersen. There is only one vertical incision line, and we still don't know where the horizontal one came from to make the cross. Our God is so amazing!!

Pray for our upcoming meeting with a top government official. Also, pray for another meeting we have set up with a person with significant influence in the US who has expressed interest in helping MV.

Praise - We were going to ask for prayer to have somewhere to move to after December 1. Our rental contract is up, and in between that period, before we move into our long-term rental here on Jan 1st, we needed a place to stay. Before we could ask for prayer, we were asked to housesit another friends house while they are gone for the holidays. Please pray the landlord is fine with this arrangement and we will be set for the holidays. God is so good to answer our prayers even before we ask.

Thank you all for your love, prayers and financial support. We cannot do it without you. Thank you for being on this journey with us.
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Prayer Wall -October 3

Things continue to go well, and we were able to get the three horses moved to the new property for our first horse therapy lesson this past weekend. The horses are settling in well with the help of our new Equine Manager, Tertius.

Please continue to keep Julie in your prayers, as she fell last Monday and broke her wrist and had to have emergency surgery Monday evening in Port Elizabeth. The doctor had to put a plate and six screws to secure the break. She feels that it's the supernatural hand of God that has protected her from any pain throughout this entire process. Eight days later, and she still is pain-free and hasn't had to take any pain medicine at all. All glory to God!

Please be in prayer for us Thursday, as we have a meeting with a new American family who has just moved to JBay. She contacted us after she found us on the Internet and wants to get involved with Merryfield as well.

Levonne and the kids got moved safely to JBay on Sunday. Shaun will join her next week. We are so excited that Merryfield's first business, ostrich farming, is going well. Shaun is busy delivering the orders for the baby chicks that were pre-ordered. Praise God they were vet approved, and the chicks were all safe and healthy. Welcome, Levonne, Aston, and Shiloh.
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